You Can Take the Kisa Outta Kansas…

But you can’t take the Kansas outta Kisa.

Every once in a while, I slip into conversation with people how much I miss the landscape of western Kansas. To which most respond with a look of disgust. How could anyone possibly think that the flat, empty nothingness is anything beautiful at all.

These photos embody my love for Kansas. It seems to me that beauty is having the space for amazing scenes to take place.


Mammatus – Bolton, Kansas – Photo by Mitch Dobrowner, National Geographic

When I look at these photos, I see beauty in the drama that unfolds with an awe-inspiring play of power and stillness. I’ve lived those storms in person and I can feel the electric anticipation captured in these photos.

Can you imagine if a storm like these hit Glacier National Park? We would see the storm as a destroyer. And the truth is that meteorologically-speaking, a storm of this beauty can’t unfold with so many mountains and lakes and whatnot in the way, interfering with their moisture and majesty and stuff. It just can’t happen.

I will always love the open space of western Kansas. I will always appreciate that the landscape provides a clean canvas ready to be painted with the unique combinations of Mother Nature’s elements.

Truly. There’s no place like home.


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